Sworn translation (certified)

Often we need "sworn translations" of different kinds of documents: acts of birth, acts of marriage, verdicts, statements, abroad employment certificates, a contract of employment and many other- "sworn translation" is a colloquial name of certified translation authenticated by the certified translator.

Certified translator, after doing the translation, certifies the document with a stamp and signature that this is veridical and correct translation of the original. Such translation is an official document i.e. may be submitted to Polish and foreign offices as an official document in situations when the original document is in a different language than local office language.

A sworn translator can be anyone who:

a) has philological education

b) completed post graduated studies on translation

c) has passed the national exam for sworn  translators

Each certified translation made by a certified translator is settled based on the number of characters with spaces in the translation. This means that after doing the translation, the interpreter counts the total number of characters with spaces (e.g. by means of word statistics in MS Word). One page of sworn translation= 1125 characters with spaces- this is universal norm used by all certified translators. It is conditioned by ministerial regulation which specifies the size of the billing page for the need of court translations and national institutions and as mentioned it is 1125 characters with spaces.

This is what makes misunderstandings when ordering a sworn translation - a document that is printed on one page of  A4 can take two or three pages of translation.

For this reason, most translators give in translation footer- a unique repertory number, that is listed to a particular document- information on the total number of characters with spaces in the translation and the number of billing pages that are in the composition.