CAT for interpreters

Beginning a translation, firstly it is a must to read the text and match appropriate translation memories and glossaries. Translation memory (called TM) is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of texts. Translation memory is built by CAT tools. Translating texts by  WordFast tool, you can upload a maximum of two translation memories.

Translation memories not only facilitate the work of the translator himself, but also become a guarantee for the translator, that while working on the text will have a solid base in terminology to do that translation. With a professionally prepared bases, the agency  has the opportunity to specialize in a wide group of different kinds of fields without compromising the quality of orders.

In addition to translation memories you can also create glossaries. These are dictionaries containing vocabulary and terminology concerning specific, sometimes very narrow field. And so, if we translate the text for the pharmaceutical industry, we upload the glossary of terminology and memory created earlier on e.g. drug production. The better built translation memory and glossary the easier is work of the interpreter and the better quality texts are translated by him. Thanks to translation memory and glossaries, that support the interpreter, we guarantee that the finished translation is consistent with the terminology and style.

Another feature of CAT tools is to divide the text into segments so the translator can actually see the source text fragments and those that are already translated. The ability to compare texts directly in a single file facilitates not only the translation, but also the verification of the text. There are also additional features that allow to go back to the texts that have not yet been translated and search for fragments, which may require adjustment.

Features offered by CAT tools enable to work for highly specialized industries, also streamline the process of translating texts even at very high volume. The software allows to perform the translation  by the team of translators on a single document in real time. With this feature, translators can keep a check on translating the results of team-mates and share and benefit from their comments, suggestions for solutions.