CAT for translation agency

All the functions that facilitate the work of translators are also important for the work of the whole office. Working with CAT tools enables the realization of great volumes and terminologically complex orders in shorter time than it was done with the single text and one translator working on it.

If the translation agency works with external translators, it has the possibility to send the translation memory to the translator and  control the quality of executed orders. In this way, all the translators working for the translation agency use the same phrases and terms and the resulting translation is consistent stylistically and terminologically.

Translation using CAT tools is important not only from the perspective of translation agencies, but also from the perspective of the customer. The best solution is to give all your documents to one translation agency. Then the agency in collaboration with the client create a personalized glossaries, adapted perfectly to the ordered texts. This ensures to maintain all formulas, designs, documents and consistent translation of all documents. This is especially important for companies that order  highly specialized translations or when it is important to maintain the special nature of language, e.g. marketing character of the text. In addition, translation coordinator and the project coordinator at all times have access to translated texts and can constantly monitor the activities of translators. It also facilitates contact with the customer, because you can keep him informed about the progress of the translation.

The use of CAT tools gives the opportunity to lower the prices of orders. With the help of CAT software, translators can work more quickly, the quality of translations done by them is not decreasing and the translation agency supports much larger orders in a relatively short time.

The modern, professional translation agency could not function without CAT tools. Anyone who wants to provide the customers with the highest quality translations, short terms and consistency of texts and specialized terminology should invest in such software. With a CAT tool, translation agency can handle even the most complex projects translated by many specialists, with a guarantee that their quality is not compromised. When choosing a translation agency for the company, it is essential to make sure that the agency uses appropriate software. It will make us sure that translations prepared by this agency meet even the highest demands.